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“The Collector” Susan is fascinated by the abandoned mansion. Tom is fascinated by Susan. But they’ll need their wits about them when a ghost decides she wants them to keep her permanent company. A ghost story set in the outer boroughs of NY in the late 1940s. Licensed by The Forbidden Room, 2022. Actors: 2f/1m. Running time: 30 minutes.

“Triple Darkness” is a compilation of campfire stories, including takes on the woman alone in the woods, the call from inside the house, and the poisoned dress. Actors: 3f/2m, playing multiple roles. Running time: 30 minutes.

“Pier-Less Crime” (the third Frieda/Laz comedy). Frieda and Laz are in Brighton Beach, England, taking in the sights. Frieda is frustrated by Madame Fortuna taking her business, but not as much as by the way chorus girl Dolly Dingle flirts with Laz. When a dead body turns up on the pier, Frieda just might dump Laz for a cute local detective. Comic noir mystery radio play set in the 1920’s. Licensed by The Radio Theatre Project, St. Petersburg, FL. (2020)Performance date postponed due to COVID. Performed May 23, 2022. Actors: 3m/3f. Running time: 35 minutes.

Intrigue on the Aurora Nightingale” (the second Frieda/Laz comedy).  Frieda and Laz are forced the share a cabin on an ocean liner to England. When a rich woman’s daughter goes missing, it’s up to Frieda to use her psychic skills and Laz to use his illusionist tricks to find the young woman before it’s too late. Comic noir mystery set in the 1920’s. Peformed by The Radio Theatre, St. Petersburg, FL. Project. Air date: Jan. 27, 2020. Actors: 3f/2m. Running time: 30 minutes. Radio Theatre Project Sound Cloud Link.

“Horace House Hauntings”  (the first Frieda/Laz comedy).   Helena Horace double books medium Frieda and illusionist Laz to help her find jewels hidden by her deceased husband. As Frieda and Laz compete, they have to deal with Helena, the ghost of Horace, and Bob, the elderly butler. Comic noir mystery, set in the 1920’s. Performed by The Radio Theatre Project, St. Petersburg, FL.  Project. Air Date: March 25, 2019 Scheduled by the Lakes Area Radio Theatre, Alexandria, MN for June 2022. Actors: 2f/3m. Running time: 30 minutes. Radio Theatre Project Sound Cloud Link.

“Confidence Confidant” Pinkerton Kate Warne uses charm, wit, and deceit to trap an embezzler’s wife. A drama set in 1856 Pennsylvania. Adapted from the stage play of the same name. Performed by the Post-Meridian Players in Somerville, MA. Performance dates: April 2019. Directed by Amanda Balagur with Assistant Director Jamie Lin. Featuring Laura Corliss, Michael McAfee,Elizabeth Ross, Mike Sprague, and Henry White. Simone Agha and Sara Dion on Foley. Actors: 2f/3M. Running time: 40 minutes.

“Light Behind the Eyes” The only space Declan can afford for his brand new detective agency is in the same building as a Broadway rehearsal studio, sharing it with the brassy agent, Roberta, and hiring aspiring tap dancer Bonnie. When Lady Victoria hires Declan to retrieve stolen jewels from her Argentinean lover, Declan and Bonnie take to New York’s nightclubs to find the truth in the light behind the eyes. Comic noir mystery set in 1948 NY. Performed by The Radio Theatre Project, St. Petersburg, FL. Air date: May 21, 2018. Performed by the Lakes Area Radio Theatre, Alexandria, MN.  Production date: May 10, 2019. Actors: 4f/3m. Running time: 40 minutes.

“Tap O’My Heart” When chorus girl Ingrid Leschelles hires Declan and Bonnie to find out who’s stealing her tap shoes, they’re all in for some Broadway surprises. A comic noir mystery set in 1948 NYC. Actors: 3f/2m. Running time: 10 minutes.

“Broken Links”   When a man staggers into Jane Blaine’s detective agency and drops dead, and her new hire faints, it’s up to Jane to figure out the truth, proving that a woman has a worth as a detective. A comic noir mystery, with a tip of the hat to The Maltese Falcon. Contest winner for On The Air Radio Players of Glen Ellen, VA. Air Dates:  June 7 & 8 2016. Actors: 2f/3m. Running time: 25 minutes.

Sanskara, Season 1      writer for hire for Practical Academics, CA.  Audio series teaching teens  life skills through stories/characters. Wrote 15 episodes in 8 weeks, to outline, March – May 2014. Each episode ran just under an hour.

Glamourous Hearts. Harriet finally stopped talking ong enough so William could propose, But now Harriet spends time with Leonard, scarred from WWI, and William finds peace with Leonard’s cousin Martine, as marriageable women are thrown at both men. A romantic farce set in New York and Newport in 1921. Commissioned as an audio multi-media piece by a Canadian company n 2005, who has since closed shop. Actors: 4f (1 playing 4 roles)/3m. Running time: approximately 1-1/4 hours.