“The Collector” Contracted

I’m delighted to announce that “The Collector” a 30-minute radio play ghost story, has been contracted for production by The Forbidden Room. Stay tuned for broadcast date and links!

When Susan and Tom investigate an abandoned mansion, are those mannequins discarded from a department store, or something more sinister? And who’s winding up the old Victrola in an abandoned house?

“Pier-less Crime” Performed!

I’m delighted to announce that “Pier-less Crime”, the third of the Frieda/Laz trilogy set in the 1920s, was performed on May 23 at the Radio Theatre Project in St. Petersburg, Florida!

In this 30-minute comic noir mystery, Frieda and Laz perform their double-act on the pier in Brighton, England, only to stumble, literally, over a dead body. A vicar in love with a fortune-teller, a showgirl with her sights set on Laz, and a local detective who isn’t all what he seems add to the fun.

This is For News

If you’re interested in the daily intersction of work and life, I have an almost-daily blog, Ink in My Coffee, which follows all of my work from inspiration through publication and production.

This page will be for updates on the scripts and productions. There is no regular schedule for it; it will simply be for news as it happens.

Thank you for your interest!