Below are credits for stage plays I’ve written or co-written, and their production histories. If you have questions on any of these, please use the contact form.

Productions and Staged Readings

Burns/Woolf Tribute (Marstons Mills Public Library, MA, 2015).  Scottish poet Robert Burns and celebrated novelist Virginia Woolf are celebrated on January 25 each year. What if their work could be used to created a conversation? Scripted tribute using the works of Robert Burns and Virginia Woolf for library event Jan. 2015; performed by local actors, 1f/1m. Running time: 20 minutes.

Seal Tides (National Marine Life Center, Buzzards Bay, MA, April 2014).  A specialist in marine mammal rescues gives a presentation, with constant interruptions. Will they lead to murder. . .or reveal one? One act comic mystery relevant to the mission of the National Marine Life Center, commissioned as a fundraiser.  Received grants from the Mid-Cape Cultural Council and the Bourne Cultural Council, subsidiaries of the MA Cultural Council. Featuring Mary Chris Kenny, Neha Sharma, and Dan Tritle. Elizabeth Smythe appeared for Neha Sharma for one performance. Actors: 2f/1m. Running Time: Running time: 40 minutes.

Murder “Seals” The Deal (National Marine Life Center, Buzzards Bay, MA, April 2013).  The NOAA inspector is one his way to report on the marine mammal facility. But there’s a dead body in the seal tank. Can the team hide the body and distract the inspector? Or is it an inside job with a darker purpose? Three act comic mystery relevant to the mission of the National Marine Life Center, commissioned as a fundraiser. Featuring Paul Anastasio, Todd Yates Gosselin, Amie Lytle, Moira Powers, Belinda Rubinstein (Sammy the seal/props), and Lisa Smith, Actors: 3f/2m. Running time: 2 hours (including 2 15-minute intermissions).

“Seven of Swords” (Tilden Arts Center, Barnstable, MA, March 2013).  A tarot reader is visited by a ghost. When the ghost’s boyfriend comes in for a reading, it turns out one of them is lying. Which one? Remeber: tarot never lies. One act paranormal drama staged reading included in the Play with Your Food Festival. Actors: 2 f/1m. Running time: 40 minutes, no intermission.

“The Effie Effect” (Tilden Arts Center, Barnstable, MA, November 2012).  Sylvia takes care of her world-weary detective boss’s office, and wishes he would see her as more than the “Effie” of Sam Spade fame. But Donald has secrets of his own, and doesn’t want Sylvia hurt. One act comic noir mystery staged reading included in the Play With Your Food Festival. Actors: 3f/3m or 2f/2m with one of the women playing 3 roles. Running Time: 45 mintues, no intermission.

Femme Fatale (Cloverleaf Theatre, New York, 2008).  A rich man leaves his estate to an actress who charmed him years ago. Now, someone’s trying to kill her. But she has more than talent up her sleeve. Three act comic noir mystery commissioned by small theatre company.  Also part of the theatre curriculum at Cape Cod Community College in 2014. Actors: 2f/2m/1 role non-defined. Running time: 2 hours, including 2 15-minute intermissions.

Till  Death Do They Part (Cloverleaf Theatre,New York, 2008).  Ida is used to running the detective agency for her drunken, promiscuous boss, Max. She’s tired of not getting proper credit. So when a dime-a-dance girl goes missing, and her betrothed worries Max is involved, Ida and her friend Nan put on their dancing detective shoes, finding more than they bargained. Three act comic noir mystery commissioned by small theatre company. Run extended twice, due to popular demand. Actors: 3f(1 plays 5 roles)/3m. Running time: 2 hours, including 2 15-minute intermissions.

The Matilda Murders (Cloverleaf Theatre, New York, 2007).  Morose detective Alex Cook is hired to find a missing heiress Matilda Harrington. Is the mysterious Matilda a victim or a murderer? Three act comic noir mystery commissioned by small theatre company. Actors: 2f/2m/1 role non-defined. Running time: 2 hours, including 2 15-minute intrmissions.

Moon Tribe Tales:  The International Women’s Day Project 1999. (co-written with Avonne Thomson,  presented at Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York, 1999).  Women share their experiences of misogyny, racism, dreams, desires, and community as they sew a quilt depicting their histories. Six month collaboration with thirteen actresses, culminating in a fundraiser for International Women’s Day. Additional material by Claudia Choi and Julia Prud’homme. Featuring April Cantor, Claudia Choi, Shelle Davis, Dawn Divine, Celia Grannum, Tina Lee, Sandra Lucas, Kate Lunsford, Valentina Olmos,Julia Prud’homme, Rachel Shwayder, Leah Zimmerman Actors: 12f playing over 40 roles. Running time: 90 minutes, without intermission.

Fractured Hearts (The Duplex, New York, 1997). A woman finds her 36th birthday far more traumatic than her 35th; a man engages in food’s seductive powers; a woman attends her ex’s wedding with her best friend. Three one-act romantic fables. Featuring Fred Berman and Sioux Madden. Directed by Lisa LoCurto. (1fm/1m). Running time:

Plateau (The Roadkill Company, New York, 1997).   A serial killer stalks a suicidal woman.  Adapted into the screenplay Stalemate Death. Staged Reading, NYC. Actors: 1m/1f. Ruinning time: 90 minutes, no intermission.

The Collaborative Animal (The Roadkill Company, Carroll Music Studios, New York, 1997). Collaboration with Syliva Dohi, who also wrote music. Additional music & lyrics by Craig Balderston, Charles Clough, Alex Emanuel, Adam LeBow, Jeff Reid, Boston Sturgis. The best art is created in collaboration. But how do you keep your collaborative creative relationships in balance with your personal life and responsibilities? Actors: Craig Balderson, Charles Clough, Matthew Del Negro, Sylvia Dohi, Daniel Dresner, Adam LeBow, Sioux Madden, Diane Moss, Boston Stergis,, Mandy Stretch, Fred Waggoner. 4f/7m. Running time: 2 1/2 hours, with one intermission.

Women With An Edge (The Duplex, New York, 1996, and Tribeca Lab, New York, 1994). Monologues on the joys and frustrations of being female in the world. The Tribeca Lab production had 5f in multiple roles; the Duplex production had 3f. Separate monologues have also been performed by numerous actors in New York, London, Edinburgh, Australia, Provincetown, and on radio. Running time: 90 minutes, no intermission.

Scrying (The Roadkill Company, 1996).  A play about women, ritual, and suicide. Performed in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, at Edinburgh Venue Associates.  Voted “Pick of the Day” by The Scotsman out of 1280 shows. Actors: 3f. Running time: 50 minutes, no intermission.

Roadkill (The Roadkill Company, 1994 & 1996).  Jack Kerouac inspired a generation longing for freedom with On the Road. But it’s a little different, living that life as a woman. Performed at the Battersea Arts Center, London; The Irish Club, London;  Greyfriars KirkHouse, Edinburgh; Fringe Festival, and as part of the Adelaide Festival Fringe in  Australia. Kelsey Voss starred in New York, Edinburgh, and Australia. Actors: 1f. Running time: 55 minutes, no intermission.

Women’s Reproductive Rights Project (MCC, 1992).  Before Roe, more women died. Yet the fight to retain access to safe abortion continues. Co-written with Jodi Feldman, Ellen Nickles, and Jenny Seaquist.  Staged Reading. Actors played multiple roles. Running time: 90 mintues, no intermission.

The Father/Daughter Project (MCC, 1991).  Co-written with Margie Schiller.  The relationship between father and daughter is both fraught and beautiful. Staged Reading. Actors in multiple roles. Running time: 90 minutes, no intermission.


The following scripts were written as part of the 365 Women aYear Playwrighting Project:

“A Rare Medium” (365 Women, New York, December 2021). To catch a pair of lovers deermined to murder their spouses, Kate Warne and her fellow Pinkertons go undercover in the occult. One-act play based on Kate Warne’s undercover operation as a medium in 19th century Chicago. Actors: 5f/3m. Running time: 40 minutes.

“The Swan, Reincarnated” (365 Women, New York, December 2021). Marie Corelli uses her fame as a popular novelist to protect all things Shakespeare in Stratford, no matter what the town’s citizens want. One-act play inspired by Victorian/Edwardian novelist Marie Corelli’s fight to keep Shakespeare-related cottages torn down in Stratford. Actors: 4f. Running time: 12 minutes.

“Dawn and Dorothy in the Afterlife” (365 Women, New York, December 2021). Dawn Powell and Dorothy Parker meet for cocktail-fuelled lunches daily, for eternity,. One-act play about Dawn Powell and Dorothy Parker in the afterlife. Actors: 3f/1m. Running time: 15 minutes.

“Family Layers” (365 Women, New York, December 2020). Detective Isabella Goodwin’s family has often taken second place to the family she’s created in her work. But loyalty and betrayal are as likely in the station as on the street. One-act play inspired by the life of Isabella Goodwin, first NYPD female detective. Actors: 3f/2m. Running time: 20 minutes.

“By Her Pointed Quill” (365 Women, New York, December 2020). Susanna Centlivre is used to controversy, as one of her time’s most produced playwrights. When a fellow playwright mocks the women in her profession, Susanna takes action. One-act play inspired by the life of Susanna Centlivre, 18th century popular playwright. Actors: 2f/2m. Running time: 15 mintues.

“The Quality of Light” (365 Women, New York, December 2019). After years spent in England, an exhausted Canaletto is finally returning home to Venice, delighting his three sisters. One-act play inspired by the lives of the painter Canaletto’s sisters in 18th Century Venice. Actors: 3f/2m. Running time: 20 minutes.

Serene and Determined. (365 Women, New York, December 2017). Lavinia Fontana guards her reputation as a painter worthy of the price paid to male artists with ferocity. When threatened, she turns to the noblewomen of Bologna for help. Full-length play about Renaissance painter Lavinia Fontana’s competition with male artists for commissions. Actors: 7f/5m. Running time: approx. 1-1/2 hours, with one intermission.

Just a Drop. (365 Women, New York, December 2016). Guilia Tofana escaped to Rome and re-established her herbal apothecary, helping women rid themselves of abusive husbands with her Aqua Tofana. When a mercenary Austrian hunts her down, she and her circle of apprentices fight back. Full-length play about Guilia Tofana’s poisoning ring in 17th Century Italy, aiding women in escaping from abusive husbands. Actors: 10f/5m. Running time: approximately 1-1/2 hours, with one intermission.

“Courting the Lioness” (365 Women, December 2016). the King of France falsey accused her husband of treason. Jeanne sold her land and bought three ships, painting them black with red sails. She became one of her most ferocious pirates of all time against the French. One-act play about 14th century pirate Jeanne de Clisson. Actors: 2f/3m. Running time: just under 1 hour, with no intermission.

“Confidence Confidant” (365 Women, New York, December 2015). Pinkerton Kate Warne is determined to retrieve the money hidden by Nathan Moroney’s wife after the Adams Express heist. It means gaining her confidence, by any way possible. One-act play about Pinkerton Kate Warne’s undercover work in the Adams Express Embezzlement Case in the 1850s. Actors: 2f/3m. Running time: 40 minutes, no intermission.